val|id «VAL ihd», adjective.
1. supported by facts or authority; sound or true: »

a valid argument, proof, or assertion.

2. having force in law; legally binding: »

A contract made by an insane person is not valid.

3. having force; holding good; effective: »

Illness is a valid excuse for being absent from work.

4. Archaic. a) strong; powerful. b) = healthy. (Cf.healthy) c) sane.
[< Latin validus strong < valēre be strong]
val´id|ly, adverb.
val´id|ness, noun.
Synonym Study 1 Valid, sound, cogent mean convincing with respect to truth, rightness, or reasoning. Valid implies being based on truth or fact and supported by correct reasoning: »

His objections to the plan on the basis of cost are valid.

Sound implies having a solid foundation of truth or right and being free from defects or errors in reasoning: »

The author has sound views on opportunities today.

Cogent implies being so valid or sound as to be convincing: »

He gives cogent advice to young people.

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